Objectives of the project

The farmers in the RYE BELT are globally in competition with other regions of cultivation.

It is the aim of the project to promote the international competitiveness of rye growing farmers in the rye growing belt.

The three mainstays of the RYE BELT project are as follows:

  • Breeding of high-performing, environmentally adapted and market-oriented varieties
  • Optimization of plant cultivation designed for a highly efficient production
  • Enhancement and expansion of the application and marketing fields of rye

The implementation of the objectives of the RYE BELT project requires an excellent international network of experts from agriculture, breeding, plant cultivation and trade.

In close dialogue important trends and open issues should be identified in time and both regional and international sub-projects should be initiated.

It is essential to combine existing knowledge and to realize new insights gained.

From the North German Plain to the Ural
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