From the North German Plain to the Ural Mountains: the RYE BELT of Europe.

The international RYE BELT project promotes the breeding, cultivation and marketing of rye.

“RYE BELT – growing perspectives” is the guiding principle of the project.

Through long-term promotion of rye cultivation and its range of application the competitiveness of rye growing farmers from the North German Plain to the Ural Mountains and between the 50th and 60th latitude shall be strengthened.

On the following pages you will find information on the RYE BELT project with its aims and structure, regional contacts and needless to say, all you need to know about rye.

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Bull fattening with rye

“The research was aimed at defining the ideal percentage of hybrid rye content in a concentrate mixture and its influence on fattening and slaughter parameters of growing bull calves of the Polish Black-and-White Holstein-Friesian breed”.


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Rye in the feeding of pigs

Rye has established itself a fixed constituent in pig feed in recent years. Pig farmers have come to value rye, particularly in Northern Germany where the soil is not suitable for anything other than the cultivation of rye.
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Starch digestibility of rolled or sodium-hydroxide treated rye grain in dairy cows

Limited research has been conducted on the digestibility of nutrients in rye grain in domesticated animal species.

Report to Vestjyllands Andel and KWS Scandinavia A/S

RYE BELT - new Video-Podcasts

Take a look at the current breeding objectives and the use of rye in biogas production and in pig and cattle feeding.

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RYE in Pig and Cattle feed

With this brochure we want to give you some valuable basic information about rye as a feeding component and to provide you with some empirical reports and dietary examples for the use of rye in the feeding of pigs and cattle.
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Market Comment

first-hand information about trends and developments on the rye market.
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