Rye Update 2012

Renowned experts from the worlds of research and industry gathered together on 23-24 May for the first international rye congress, Rye Update 2012, in Poznan, Poland.

The congress was initiated by the RYE BELT Project, which lobbies on behalf of improvements in the competitiveness of rye-growing farmers throughout Europe.

The congress provided the participants with the possibility to obtain information and discuss the latest issues and the findings of research into rye in relation to cultivation, use in feed, human nutrition and bio-energy. The subjects tackled extended from the commercial optimisation to the first results of single-seed planting to the use of rye fibre in human nutrition to empirical reports from within the industry concerning the use of hybrid ryes in biogas plants. On the second day the participants were able to choose from four excursions. The emphases here included cultivation practice, animal feed, processing and bio-energy.

This year’s congress saw trends being defined and the course set for the successful future of rye. The next international rye congress is planned for 2015.


News from the congress:

Biogas - The latest Application

Practical Experiences with Rye Whole Plant Silage as a Source of biogas – A Farmer Report
Rye Whole Plant Silage and Maize: A High-Yield Mix for Biogas Production – Laboratory findings

Economic use of rye in biogas production

Rye in Human Nutrition

Characteristics of rye varieties with respect to nutritional and prohealthy properties

Rye - Healthy and Trendy

How can rye fibre be used? Process for manufacturing a rye product with an increased proportion of fibre

RYE as a High-Qualtity, Flavoursome Fodder

Assessment and Use of Rye for Fattening bulls and Feeding of Dairy Cows

Rye Use from a Feed Consultant’s Perspective
Rye as a fodder – New Facts versus Stereotypes

Cultivating of Rye Succesfully in All Soil Types

The Most Commonly Made Technical Mistakes in Cultivating of Winter Rye

Single seed drilling – first results with winter rye

Rye Cultivation in Competition – Evaluation of a Comparative trial


The RYE BELT Project Presents Itself
A fresh look on breeding hybrids for the RYE BELT

Rye – more than just a cash crop

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