Rye used in feeding

Over the past years rye has been well established as a feed component rich in energy for livestock, especially cattle and pigs.
The excellent production potential of rye in the feed has been proven by numerous scientific trials from different international institutions thus almost dispelling still existing reservations.

In particular, farming operations with farm-produced feed benefit additionally from the use of rye in economical terms by realising the value of the high- performing and efficient rye through the feed. By means of a calculator (homepage) the comparative value for cattle and pig feed can be individually calculated.

The German Agricultural Society, DLG e.V. has published recommendations on feeding pigs, cattle and poultry with rye.

Similarly, rye has been quoted without any restricting comments in the positive list for straight feeding stuffs by the Standards Commission for Straight Feeding Stuffs at the Central Committee of the German Agriculture. 


Download Positive List for Straight Feeding Stuffs (9th Edition) (422 KB)

Download DLG recommendation 'The use of rye in feed'  (38,7 KB)

Additional Information

Assessment and Use of Rye for Feeding Dairy Cows (Source: Instytut Zootechniki PIB, KWS LOCHOW POLSKA Sp. z o.o.) (287 KB)

Rye as a fodder– new facts versus stereotypes (404 KB)

Rye Use for Pigs – from a Feed Consultants Perspective
(Source: Svinerådgivning Vest) (1,1 KB)

Starch digestibility of rolled or sodium-hydroxide treated rye grain in dairy cows (Source: Vestjyllands Andel and KWS Scandinavia A/S) (377 KB)

Successful Feeding With Rye

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