Seed rate and sowing time

The establishing of an optimal rye population prior to the winter season is geared to the plant population per m². To calculate the location’s seed rate, take the assumed emerging time and subtract the expected plant losses occurring over the winter season.

It has been proven to work with seed rates between 150 and 250 grains/m² for hybrid rye and between 180 and 300 grains/m² for conventional rye, of which the economically highest yield, depending on soil conditions and sowing time, is achieved with 170 and 200 grains/m² for hybrid rye.

Lone-time experience on site shows the optimal sowing time, while the sowing conditions set the decisive date. The sowing time within the RYE BELT regions is between  27 August and 12 October. The main sowing period is supposed between 7 and 24 September. Please note our cultivation information for your region. 

 As a general rule, thin populations can be better „managed“ than over-thick ones. It should always be the aim to establish as even a plant population as possible, because only these populations hardly have any lated shoots thus guaranteeing a uniform flowering together with a high pollination rate. The risk of ergot infection can be effectively minimised.

For sowing, the sowing depth is of importance. „Rye longs to see the sky“ does not need to be taken literally with today’s state-of-the-art. Modern sowing technique allows for an ever more precise sowing. The optimal sowing depth is 2-3 cm.

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