Rye Update 2012

News from the congress:

Biogas - The latest Application

Practical Experiences with Rye Whole Plant Silage as a Source of biogas – A Farmer Report
Rye Whole Plant Silage and Maize: A High-Yield Mix for Biogas Production – Laboratory findings

Economic use of rye in biogas production

Rye in Human Nutrition

Characteristics of rye varieties with respect to nutritional and prohealthy properties

Rye - Healthy and Trendy

How can rye fibre be used? Process for manufacturing a rye product with an increased proportion of fibre

RYE as a High-Qualtity, Flavoursome Fodder

Assessment and Use of Rye for Fattening bulls and Feeding of Dairy Cows

Rye Use from a Feed Consultant’s Perspective
Rye as a fodder – New Facts versus Stereotypes

Cultivating of Rye Succesfully in All Soil Types

The Most Commonly Made Technical Mistakes in Cultivating of Winter Rye

Single seed drilling – first results with winter rye

Rye Cultivation in Competition – Evaluation of a Comparative trial


The RYE BELT Project Presents Itself
A fresh look on breeding hybrids for the RYE BELT

Rye – more than just a cash crop

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